9 Best Places To Check Out in the Bahamas

The island country of the Bahamas is one of the wealthiest countries in the Americas in terms of gross domestic product per capita. But the Bahamas are rich in naturally endowed landscapes as well, which includes beaches and sparkling azure waters of the surrounding oceans. Located right on the edge of the famous Bermuda triangle, Bahamas is a paradise on earth. If you want to visit this country, then there are rentals in the Bahamas where you can stay for your holidays with all the amenities you would want.

Now that the vacation planning is done, let’s explore what the Bahamas actually has to offer:

  • Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park: This marine protected area is located on the eastern edge of the country. The park features some amazing seascapes with luminous electric blue waters coupled with clean white sands. While the area is popular with boaters and divers due to its clean waters and thriving marine life, you must remember that shelling or fishing is just not permitted here.
  • Lucayan National Park: Looking for fantastic beaches to relax at, then the Lucayan National Park has what you need. This 40-acre park houses some of the most amazing secluded beaches which are full of palm trees, pine trees, and mangroves. That’s not it, as it also houses a great variety of saltwater fish and water birds. You can get your snorkeling gear and go diving in the blue waters to explore what is the world’s biggest network of underground caves. Want to stay dry and on land? Even then you can attend a guided tour to look for the burial places for the Bahamian people (indigenous). Pro tip: Booking tickets early will save you from a lot of hassle. Also, remember that the park closes its door at about 5 PM so reach there early for the tour.

the world's biggest network of underground caves

  • International Bazaar: This bazaar is filled up with restaurants, shops, and other small locally owned stalls. Opening in 1967, this bazaar is located just 6 kilometers outside Freeport and is widely seen as a symbol of this country. You should come out on an empty stomach here and savor the local cuisine here. Want to create your own perfume or perhaps see some handmade crafts? All that is possible here too. Pro tip: there are hundreds of shops here so we would recommend that stroll along slowly so that you can admire it all. Also, do come with loads of time in your hands.
  • Pirates of Nassau museum: Caribbean history is dotted with many important events, but the events which occurred during the golden age of piracy are unmatched in the curiosity it generates. Nassau acted as the world’s biggest concentration of these pirates. If you are interested in pirate history, then this museum is for you.
  • Heritage Museum of the Bahamas: The first thing which comes to mind when talking about the Bahamas is definitely not museums, but visiting the Heritage Museum gives you an opportunity to learn about Bahamian history, culture and the centuries of inhabitation which has formed it. It is located in the Mountbatten House, on its second story. The museum is actually small but it has dozens of relics which involve slave era memorabilia, prehistoric meteors, grandiose dresses, pirate relics, and Spanish armors. You will get the option of getting guided tours that will last for around 45 minutes or you can opt to choose the self-guided tour, which is conducted with the help of a guide.

rentals in the bahamas

  • Arawak Cay: Offering the quintessential Bahamian tourist experience which is good seafood and a relaxing beach, this paradise is the end stop for diners. Try out the conch fritters, conch salad here, along with some Street food side prepared snapper and lobster. In all honesty, Arawak Cay should be treated like a fun stop on the way to another destination where you can grab some snacks or dinner.
  • Garden of the Groves: This Eden was dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Groves (founders of Freeport) in 1973. The name might have indicated to you just how beautiful this place is. Full of wildlife and natural beauty, the Garden of the Groves is a rejuvenating botanical garden. The perfect place to relax and take a stroll. There are hundreds of birds and various species of animals in here, which makes it perfect for exploration. You might also get to see iguanas, alligators, exotic macaws and more on the grounds. But kids can interact with pigs and pygmy goats in a playground as well as a petting zoo.

rentals in the bahamas

  • Fort Charlotte: This is the largest fort in Nassau which sits on top of a hillside and overlooks the harbor. It was constructed for a battle which ultimately never took place, but the British era colonial fort does offer a lot of historical insights with its hidden passages, beautiful views, remote dungeons, and a waterless mote. You can also avail a guide who will show you the subterranean network or halls which lie below the fort.
  • Long Island: Lying a little on the beaten path, this 130 kilometers long and 7 kilometers wide island is in the southern part of Bahamas. You can enjoy boating, diving, and fishing over here, along with checking out Dean’s Blue Hole which is the deepest saltwater hole in this world. You can reach either by air or through a ferry, so plan carefully.

The Bahamas is the place to just relax and take a break from life’s daily activities. So just hop on a plane and dive into this heavenly land.

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